You think you are fascinated?

Fascination is not norm marketing it’s an intense desire someone might have for you, your company or your products.

Sigmund Freud once described intense emotional attachment as fascination.
Romantic love is a state in which a person becomes so submissively engrossed in his object of fascination that he becomes hypnotized. pic23

Sometimes you can’t help it or have a choice your that dam fascinating!! It happens 🙂

People become hypnotized by the New #Iphones 7, the iPad turning it from a rational purchase into fascination.

Fascination transforms customers into fanatics, and your brand’s products into must-have purchases.

Ever stood in line or camped out for the latest gadget, movie premiere or black Friday???

That’s fascination!

The goal is not to spend more $$$ on marketing but to spend less by marketing more effectively. Spend less but see better results. Outthink instead of outspend

If you don’t have the biggest budget, then be the most fascinating.

This is not a year of big budgets, big bold projects but in working with what you have, money managing, smaller locations etc…

You have to be creative!

And fascinating people is one sure way to do it. People are either attracted to you or not.

When peeps are fascinated by YOU they will sing you songs  they will love you, they will connect with you. They will be infatuated.

Have you ever done something crazy & peeps tell you what were you thinking?

There was no thinking! It was all emotions. See our brains are built to fall in love

By leveraging same principals you can captivate your customers, so they fall head over hills with your brand.


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