True Story & Thoughts on PokeMon APP

My thought on ‪#‎gopokemon‬ app game is that if I had a kid I wouldn’t let him/her play with it but then again kids are kids & I was once a kid and we all have a free will of choice.

I don’t say this because I just encountered a spiritual experience with the Lord however just sharing what came to mind when I heard of this game…. 2

Years ago when I had just got saved 16 years ago… and it’s odd that now there is an APP besides playing cards and I’m talking about it but feel it’s important to share…

A testimony was given that a kid was addicted to pokemon cards. He had a collection of cards under his bed. Something was not right with this kid, was rebellious, talked back and was rude to his parents, got into fights at school, was having nightmares & the mom just didn’t know what to do anymore…

They approached the pastor of their church & prayed about it…He asked them to clean out his room throw out anything weird, magazines, toys etc… and mentioned he has a collection of pokemon cards under his bed & pastor said “bingo!” Throw it out to the trash! It’s garbage & it’s evil!

There was a sermon he had did to the youth ministry prior to this on the pokemon cool cards and warned parents against these cards.
Well lo and behold as soon as the mom threw the cards in the garbage can without the kid knowing… he became to his normal self, obeyed his mom and dad, got a long with his friends, slept much better and was able to concentrate on his studies at school without having the school to prescribe him Ritalin the candy drug for ADH they give to kids…

It’s only a matter of discerning what your kids are around, watching, listening that makes a difference. Now there’s an APP which heard predators can now stalk kids and know there whereabouts… and hear it’s doing really well, better than angry birds the game due to lots of interaction and participation!

Everyone is entitled their own judgment however what you don’t know won’t hurt to know… 🙂


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