Safety First

The schools are in session, and the winter is fast approaching, so it is a good time for some verification of safety tips when driving with children in the back seat, in the streets, or both. During this time of children on the street and low visibility, there are several precautionary measures additional to that we must take, so it affects children to the folder or by walking on sidewalks.

For children in your vehicle, the security measures more obvious that comes to the minds of many are areas. But it is sure that his son is a passenger with the safest seat for your weight, age, etc.. ? Many car seats not used or installed correctly. Recommended online control for instructions on what your child needs. This applies also to other children who may be in your car, each child should bring the car seat with them in another unit. According to the NHTSA is “a child in the stroller is used correctly in the back seat of a car 73% less likely to be accepted as a child without
restraint in the front seat to the hospital.” with that said children under 12 still in the back of the car should be seated. Park on the ground or in places where there are many children in the region, look at all the College your vehicle until the engine up for make sure that children do not play near boarding. Most of the children affected by cars near schools than anywhere else. Driving school speed limits, especially when the weather is bad, in order to avoid incidents. Please note the additional precautions normally and make sure the car in areas where there are children.

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