New Reality

Yesterday I went to grab some ice cream at Ports O’Call and seen 2 guys with a backpack they didn’t look local but tourists….

One of them pulled a giant snake and let people wear it. Seen this beautiful green eyed latina girl put it on her shoulders and the guys told her…

Are you a model? She was modest and smiled and said no. They said “not even a YouTuber model? She said no. And they said well you should your hot! pic1

They seem to me like promoters as I’ve never seen snake entertainment in our town only in other cities… so I hung around for a bit to see what else they tell her. Felt like a mama bear for a bit as many fall into promises to be famous when indeed they may be trafficking…

Good thing she was not into their propositions but I’m sure well aware of YouTube and her beauty which can brand herself to be famous if she wanted.

This is the new reality of business peeps 🙂

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