Auto Body Tips for your next repair

What is Engine misfire? If your vehicle’s engine control panel appears in your engine is practically stutters. There are several reasons why can your engine ignition failure. Many of our clients are however in AP Auto Spa, a similar problem. If this scenario sounds all family, that we recommend you bring your vehicle as soon as possible in our shop: One night, going home in a heavy storm and accidentally drive through a puddle. This of course leads to a wave of water washing over the hood of the car and the windows. The check engine light immediately begins to Flash and the engine to fail. Fortunately, you can get home safely, but the next morning the check engine light reappears. After a few minutes the light will disappear. This template is for a few days and then stop. The next time that the rains, but are faced with the same problem.As you can see, this is a complex issue. What causes the engine to fail? What should the rain? Our team has the answer to your questions. If
you drove your car through the puddle, distributor Cap probably were exposed, which could cause misfire. This moisture in the engine is the situation affecting the spark. Additional moisture in the engine, is not able to provide the spark of power. If there is water or moisture, but your engine to drive extra power. This leads to engine failure. Can you think of why this problem is now not only a few days. As the engine heats, evaporates moisture, but during the next rainy day, you can find the same problem.

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