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When people ask can I make a difference in the world? My answer is YES You Can! :-)

You don’t have to be a Millionaire but YOU do have to BE a celebrity of sorts meaning being influential in social media, popular, a celebrity, politician, etc… to make a major impact.
Many politicians raise money at charity events to fund their campaigns not because they are broke but because using other people’s capital (actors, the wealthy) is a means of being supported.
I’ve seen kids, teenagers raise funds for charity events and I’ve seen the rich donate money. Your status makes no difference. Everyone can make an impact! 🙂
Last month I attended a charity event organized by printing services san diego and donated money as part of my ticket for a sunset cruise, network, make friends, dance,  and get educated from free-plastics & NO I’m not wealthy YET! <3
If anyone says you must be “RICH” first to make a difference…think again and consider the source.
Stats show the more money one makes the more greedy they can become. Not ALL but a certain percentage. Proofs in the pudding! 🙂


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